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a portfolio

TreeHouse Health Portfolio Companies are all different. They serve different markets, represent different sectors of healthcare, and vary in size and stage. They do, however, have a few common characteristics.

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  • Access to an ecosystem shared with industry leaders focused on enhancing innovation between and among the various sectors of healthcare.
  • Unmatched resources and business development opportunities.
  • Frequent exposure to industry leaders, investors, potential customers and Anchor Tenants.
  • TreeHouse Portfolio Companies are guaranteed to receive a modest investment with the potential for significantly more.
  • Dedicated office space for a timeline tailored to their individual goals.
  • The understanding that TreeHouse Health™ and its partners are dedicated to growing the long term value of Portfolio Companies evidenced by a long-term, quality over quantity approach.


  • Beyond pure start-up stage and have initial revenue.
  • Deep understanding of their market and able to articulate their competitive advantages.
  • Have a coachable and adaptable management team that can execute their business plan and bring disruption to the market that they serve.
  • Be recognized by one of the Anchor Tenants as having potential.

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